The Museum of Senses offers over 50 different attractions placed in different ecosystems that will take you on a fantastic journey to revive your senses and awaken those you didn’t know you had.

Mysterious Objects

Can you see with your fingers? Put your hand in the box, touch and guess what’s in it!Here’s a hint - all objects are veeeery Mediterranean.

Optical Illusions

Don’t just blindly believe your eyes, because they are not perfect and neither is our brain. Figure out the secrets behind these illusions!

Disco Galaxy

How can a room so tiny look so huge? It’s because of carefully placed mirrors and the infinite musical talent of Dino Dvornik, one of Split’s legendary performers!

Sound Cubes

This bench is unlike any other, because it lets you create your own music. Sit on it, and play. Let the whole museum hear you!

Can You Hear Well?

Have you ever wondered how the people with impaired hearing perceive sounds? Put the headphones on and listen!

Slide + Picigin

Slide down and enter the room full of little balls. It’s the place where you can learn how to play Picigin - the authentic beach sport from Split.

The Night Room

Rest your senses for a moment in this room. There is nothing here but a soothing darkness.

The Smelliest of Smells

The air we breathe is not always filled with relaxing scents of sea and pine trees. Dare to explore the smelliest of smells? 

Magic Faucet

Is the water magically appearing out of thin air? How can the faucet float in the air? You have to see this in person to find out the answer!

Plasma Ball

The plasma ball was invented by Nikola Tesla when he was experimenting with high-frequency electric currents in a glass vacuum tube. Touch the ball and create your own lightning storm!

One-legged Chair

Sit and relax. This chair has only one leg, but you won’t fall. Don’t believe us? Come and try!

Funny Mirrors

Don’t believe these mirrors! They are great in distorting reality and creating funny reflections of you and your friends.

Face Mashup

Your friend has the eyes as blue as the Adriatic? See how they’d look on you!


Ask your friend to take a cool picture of You, Yourself and Your Many Reflections!

Upside-down Room

This room is so weird it defies gravity. It’s also one of the most photographed rooms in our museum. Strike the pose, snap the photo, upside-down!

3D Sea

To dive into the crystal clear depths of the Adriatic you don’t even have to hold your breath. You just need to enter the room filled with stunning 3D art. 

Let Me Pass

Let Me Pass is the name of the smallest street in the world, squeezed tightly between ancient buildings of Split’s city center. It’s also the name of our tricky attraction that will let you through only if your eye isn’t fooled. 

Mirror Maze

Enter the room where all you see is yourself - multiplied. Sadly, your many reflections won’t help you find the way out of the maze. You are on your own.
Can you find your way out of this twisted room? Or will you stay trapped in it forever, enchanted by your beautiful reflections?
Show us you can find your way out, even though your sense of sight is completely fooled.


This attraction is not for everyone. And we mean it. If you can’t handle the vertigo, it’s better you stay out of the tunnel. If you’re brave enough, prepare to sense what’s it like to experience a raging storm on a boat.
You think you can handle it? Think you can walk straight when your brain and senses are completely scrambled?
See you at the other end of the tunnel.

Bed of Nails

Is it wise to lie down on a few thousand nails for a single cool Instagram photo? Is it worth the pain? Does it hurt at all?So much questions. But only you can find the answer, meditating a bed of nails like an experienced Indian yogi. 

The Rađa Room

Dino Rađa, Split’s most famous basketball player, has been inducted in Basketball Hall of Fame. We decided to create a whole room in his honor, but we started noticing something strange happening there. When people enter the room, they get squeezed or stretched in a matter of seconds. Some become dwarves, other grow into giants. Have you ever wanted to look down at a basketball player? Make that dream a reality in our museum!

Laser Harp

Can you create the melody out of thin air? Can you play with light and create music?
Catch the laser beam in the palm of your hand and hear what happens.
This is an instrument unlike any other. Your fingertips can’t feel its strings. The many beams are just an illusion created by your eyes.
Only its music is real, so your ears can enjoy. Come and play your music for the whole museum to hear!

Four Winds

In Dalmatia, we can recognize the wind just by smelling it. We want you to try it!
Use your sense of smell to decipher rich Dalmatian smells and connect them to the winds. Let your other senses rest, while your nose plays a detective in a scent mystery unlike anything you’ve smelled before.
Sniff out our museum!


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